What does a gearbox do?

2023-01-04 17:28:28

The gearbox transmits power from one device to another, which increases torque while decreasing speed. For example, on a bicycle that is often seen in our life, the gearbox transmits power from the pedal to the rear wheel of the bicycle. In an automobile, it transmits power from the crankshaft to the drive shaft, thereby providing power for the wheels to run. From mechanical watches to ships, gears can reliably transmit power through meshing.


  • Change the speed of operation: as to speed up or decelerate.
  • Change the direction of transmission: for example, use two sector gears to transfer the force vertically to another rotating shaft, and finally change the direction of transmission.
  • Change torque: Under the same power conditions, if the running speed is faster, the gear will rotate faster, resulting in a less torque on the shaft.
  • Clutch effect: the two gears which are originally meshed are separated, and the purpose of separating the engine from the load can be achieved, such as brakes.
  • Distribute power: for example, one engine can drive multiple slave shafts through the main shaft of the gearbox to realize the function of one engine driving multiple loads.
  • There are other functions that can be used with other machines. The transmission ratio can be changed on the automobile, thereby changing the running speed of the automobile and the torque on the driving wheels of the automobile, meeting the requirements of traction force under different driving conditions, and enabling the engine to work in the best state.


In general, the purpose of the retarder is to change the transmission ratio and expand the range of drive wheel torque and speed variations to accommodate frequently changing operating conditions while allowing the engine to operate under favorable operating conditions.

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