What do the parameters mean on a motor?

2022-11-14 13:15:22

A motor model is a code for ease of use, design, manufacturing, etc. departments. It can simplify motor names and facilitate business connections. But people who are not familiar with motors are often very unfamiliar with these numbers. Below I will introduce the meaning of some motor parameters.

  1. The motor type generally consists of four parts, the motor type code, the motor characteristic code, the design serial number and the excitation mode code. Among them, the type code is to indicate the various types of motors, using the Chinese Pinyin alphabet. For example, synchronous motors are represented by t and asynchronous motors are represented by y. Feature codes characterize the performance, structure or use of a motor and are also represented by letters. The design serial number is the order of the motor product design and is expressed in Arabic numerals. The excitation mode code is also represented by letters.
  2. The specifications are mainly expressed in terms of center height, base length, core length, and the number of poles. The center height is the height from the motor core to the bottom corner of the base. Depending on the center height, motors can be divided into four categories: large, medium, small and micro. The length of the base is indicated by the internationally used letters, S for a short base, M for a middle base, and L for a long machine base. The core lengths, from long to short, are indicated by Arabic numerals.


The above is an introduction to the parameters of the motor model. We hope that by looking at the above, you will be able to know the type, characteristics, design serial number, motor specifications, and the environment in which it is used.

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