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What are the applications of AC electric motors?

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What are the applications of AC electric motors?

2023-05-08 16:09:06

An AC motor is used to realize the mutual conversion between mechanical energy and AC electric energy. Due to its simple structure, convenient manufacture, and firmness, it is easy to make motors with high speed, high voltage, large current, and large capacity. AC motors have become the most commonly used motors.

Common Applications of AC Motors

  • AC motors are typically used to power pumps, blowers, and fans for ventilation, cooling, and fluid/air movement. For example, AC motors are used in HVAC systems, refrigerators, air purifiers, etc.
  • AC motors power electric vehicles such as trains, buses, cars, and scooters. The high power and torque of the AC motor make it very suitable for motion and transportation.
  • AC motors power many types of industrial equipment, such as conveyor belts, compressors, cranes, and metal cutting/molding machines. They provide the rotational motion required for a variety of manufacturing and automation processes.
  • Many home appliances rely on AC motors, such as dishwashers, washing machines, mixers, vacuum cleaners, and power tools. AC motors drive pumps, blades, and agitators in these common devices to rotate.
  • Powerful AC motors lift and lower elevators and move escalator systems in buildings. They provide the torque and shift control needed to raise and lower the platform for transporting people and cargo.
  • Precision AC motors power the joints and actuators in the machine arm and the manipulator. By controlling the speed, position, and torque of multiple AC motors, the robotic arm can achieve complex motion and automation tasks.
  • Alternators and motors are at the heart of wind turbines. They convert the mechanical energy of the rotating blades into electrical energy.


AC motors power most of the modern world by providing rotation and linear motion for a variety of applications. The versatility, power, and control of AC motors have made great strides in automation, transportation, manufacturing, and sustainable development.

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