Sales case: DC motors for machine building

2023-02-24 15:44:52

1. Customer Background

Lunyee is a company that focuses on the motor industry and provides efficient, professional and satisfying service with excellent quality. We are committed to creating greater value for our customers in many fields such as automotive parts, smart home, industrial appliances, personal care, security locks, valves and meters, commercial equipment, medical equipment. In January 2022, our Changzhou Lunyee website received an inquiry from Hans, an American customer, who expressed interest in purchasing two types of motors to replace the ones he was currently using. After our mutual communication, we learned that Hans is a manufacturer in the machinery manufacturing industry and that some of the motors they are currently using are having problems, causing a lot of losses to their manufacturing and sales.

2. Customer requirements

After questioning, we learned that Hans manufactures machines for printing devices and video recorders, so the parameters required for the two types of motors are different. In addition, he was concerned about the smoothness of the machine's operation.

3. Solutions

After understanding the problem Hans was facing, we first asked Hans about the type of motor he needed and the power, speed, voltage and torque of their existing motor to provide him with a suitable solution as soon as possible. Based on the information he provided, we quickly matched two DC motors. Both motors use precision parts, high-precision silent ball bearings, which can run under high load without wobble, and pure copper as material, which has high torque. These two DC motors differ in power to meet Hans' mechanical production needs. We introduced these two motors to Hans in detail, and after our detailed explanation, Hans thought that these two motors were similar to his previous motors in terms of parameters and could solve his current dilemma.

4: Customer Testimonials

After receiving Hans' order, we immediately transferred the goods from the factory and arranged the relevant personnel to inspect and load the goods, so that Hans received the motor ahead of schedule. In April 2022, after a long period of use, Hans reported that our motors were working well and not only helped him maintain his production schedule but also did not have any usage problems. He decided to order 100 more motors.

5: Other applications

DC motors are used in a wide variety of applications, such as automation, robotics and industrial machinery. Lunyee DC motors are known for their simplicity, reliability and versatility, and provide precise control and high efficiency. Lunyee is committed to providing DC motors that meet the highest quality standards and are capable of meeting the demanding requirements of our customers.

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