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Is a fiber laser worth it?

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Is a fiber laser worth it?

2022-12-05 17:56:26

Is this fiber laser worth buying? I believe that many people will have such concerns before buying laser engraving machine . Now I will briefly introduce fiber lasers.

The characteristics of fiber laser

  • Compared with other lasers, the processing speed of fiber lasers is very fast. In terms of comprehensive processing speed and processing quality, fiber lasers have advantages that other lasers cannot match.
  • Despite the high processing speed, fiber lasers require relatively little power and are more energy efficient compared to other lasers.

The types of lasers

Lasers can pulse at a high frequency and deliver energy over long periods. There are many different types of lasers, such as diode lasers, solid-state lasers, etc., but the service life of these lasers is not as good as that of fiber lasers. The expected service life of Lunyee's fiber laser is about 100,000 hours.


Whether it is laser engraving or laser cutting, laser engraving machines are widely used in various industries due to the advantages of fast engraving speed, low loss of engraving materials, and high engraving accuracy.

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