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How to size a stepper motor?

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How to size a stepper motor?

2023-02-03 09:28:03


Stepper motors are commonly used in a variety of applications, from 3D printers and CNC machines to robotics and automated systems. They are driven by a sequence of electrical pulses that control the movement of the rotor, and the size and power of the motor determine its torque, speed, and acceleration capabilities. Choosing the right stepper motor size is crucial for optimal performance in an application. Consider torque, speed, driver ratings, and environmental factors when selecting a motor. Follow these steps for proper sizing.

Determine Torque and Speed Requirements

First, check the specifications of the load and motion system to find the torque and speed needed from the motor. The stepper must meet these requirements for successful operation.

Select a Compatible Driver

Choose a driver that can supply the necessary current, voltage and control for the stepper motor. Check that its ratings match or exceed the motor needs.

Consider Frame Size

Frame size indicates motor physical dimensions. Larger sizes generally provide higher torque and speed capabilities. Choose a frame to meet the torque and speed requirements.

Factor in Other Application Details

Also account for temperature, cooling, mechanical constraints, etc. For example, tight spaces may require smaller sizes, even if torque needs are high.

Confirm Electrical Compatibility

Verify the stepper's voltage and current ratings match the selected driver. Any mismatch will prevent proper performance.


Take a holistic approach to stepper motor sizing. Consider torque, speed, driver interface, environmental conditions, and other factors in the application. Proper sizing optimizes stepper operation.

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