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How to invert stepper motor direction?

2023-02-02 17:45:49

Methods to Invert Direction

Using a stepper motor driver: If you are using a stepper motor driver to control your motor, you can use the driver to invert the direction of the motor. Most stepper motor drivers have a setting or switch that allows you to invert the direction of the motor, and you can simply toggle this to reverse the rotation. Check your driver's manual for specifics on how to invert the direction.

Modifying motor wiring and sequencing: For many stepper motors, you can invert the direction by modifying the wiring between the motor coils and the driver. This allows you to change the sequence in which the coils are energized. Consult your motor's wiring diagram to determine how to re-connect the coils to achieve the desired rotation direction.

Using software and controllers: If you are using a motion controller or software to operate the stepper motor, there are usually settings within the controller interface to invert the direction. This can include changing the signed value of position or velocity parameters, or selecting an "invert" option.

Considerations When Inverting Direction

  • Bipolar vs. unipolar motors: The method you use may depend on whether the stepper motor is bipolar or unipolar. Bipolar motors require swapping coil wires, while unipolar motors can reverse with power supply changes.

  • Driver compatibility: Make sure any driver or controller supports direction inversion. Closed-loop systems may require position sensor recalibration.

  • Mechanical load: Inverting the direction with a mechanical load attached can damage the motor if not done properly. Remove or bypass the load when testing initial inversion.

  • Speed control: Any acceleration or maximum speed settings may need adjustment after inverting direction.


In summary, inverting the direction of a stepper motor requires either reversing the power supply, control signals, driver settings, or coil wiring. Consider the motor type, driver capabilities, and mechanical load when selecting the optimal inversion method. Proper controls adjustments help ensure optimal performance in the new rotation direction.

Let me know if you would like me to expand or modify any part of the article. I can add more details on a specific inversion method or considerations for a particular motor application.

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