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How to improve the efficiency of metal laser processing?

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How to improve the efficiency of metal laser processing?

2023-01-10 16:29:54

Metal is increasingly becoming a commonly used processing material. Generally speaking, metal laser processing usually takes longer than plastic and wood laser processing, because metal is a more difficult material to process and requires more energy to cut or engrave. That's because the laser has to be more powerful and focused to effectively cut through the metal, and the process of melting and vaporizing the metal can also take longer. In addition, the thickness and type of metal can also affect the speed of laser processing. For example, thicker or harder metals may take longer to cut or engrave than thinner or softer metals.

In addition to the influence of materials, metal processing will also be affected by other factors. How to improve the efficiency of metal processing is also the direction of Lunyee's efforts. Lunyee S1 3040cm Desktop CNC 80W Laser Engraving Machine is a high-efficiency metal laser engraving machine, and the positive feedback from many customers also proves that it is a very functional powerful machine.

Tips for Improving Laser Processing Efficiency

According to long-term experimental tests, we have summarized the following factors to improve the efficiency of metal processing, hoping to help you.

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine helps to improve its efficiency. This includes cleaning mirrors and lenses, and lubrication also helps to improve their efficiency.
  • Using the correct cutting parameters for the material being cut can greatly improve the efficiency of the machine. This includes adjusting laser power, cutting speed, and focus position to optimize the cutting process.
  • Replace the lens regularly. Because the working environment of the metal laser cutting machine is very harsh, the optical lens will be polluted by dust after working for a long time. At this time, the transmittance of the laser will be greatly reduced, and the cutting efficiency will also decrease.
  • Increase the power of the laser. When cutting some thicker or high-hardness materials, the processing efficiency of low-power lasers is relatively low. At this time, using higher-power lasers is very helpful in improving processing efficiency.


Metal processing tends to take more time than processing other materials, but you can improve your processing efficiency and minimize your processing time through the above methods.

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