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How to deepen the depth of laser engraving machines?

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How to deepen the depth of laser engraving machines?

2022-11-17 14:50:37

Laser engraving is a marking method that uses a high-energy, high-density laser beam to locally irradiate a material to vaporize or change the color of the surface material for permanent marking. Pulsed fiber lasers are the best tool for deep engraving because they can achieve the high peak power required to engrave metal surfaces. Generally speaking, the difference between deep engraving and laser engraving is just deeper engraving depth and longer engraving time. So how do we use laser engravers to achieve deep engraving?

How to realize deep engraving?

  1. The most direct way is to increase the power of the laser engraving machine .
  2. Reduce the engraving speed of the engraving machine to extend the time the laser stays on the surface of the object, which can also achieve the purpose of deep engraving.
  3. Modify the field mirror, and turn the field mirror into a small range field mirror, after the modification, the depth of the mark will also become deeper.
  4. By replacing the laser with a higher-power laser, you can also increase the depth of laser coding machine engraving.
  5. The temperature of the processed item will also affect the depth of engraving. For example, certain metals can be engraved faster and deeper when they are preheated because they can reach the temperature required for ablation faster. Tests have been done and the results show that preheated aluminum can be engraved 40% deeper in the same amount of time.


If you want to use laser engraving machine for deep processing, you can make changes from laser power, engraving speed, field mirror, laser power and material temperature, etc. I believe you will be able to engrave your satisfactory products.

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