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How to control servo motor with microcontroller?

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How to control servo motor with microcontroller?

2023-09-14 13:54:39

Controlling a servo motor with a microcontroller is a simple and straightforward process that can be accomplished using a few basic components and a simple control code. The components required and steps to control a servo motor are outlined below.

Components Required

  • Servo motor: A motor designed for precise rotational positioning.

  • Microcontroller: A small single-board computer for electronic control systems.

  • Servo motor library or code: Instructions to control servo movement via microcontroller code.

Connecting the Motor

Connect the servo motor to the microcontroller using a servo cable, with pins for ground, power, and control signal. Most servos have three wire connections.

Uploading the Code

Upload the servo motor library or code to the microcontroller via USB or wireless connection. This provides instructions to control the motor.

Setting Parameters

Configure settings like minimum/maximum angles and pulse widths using library functions before operation.

Controlling Movement

Generate pulse signals from code to set servo angle by varying pulse width. Libraries include functions to precisely position or rotate the motor.

Testing and Iterating

Test full rotational range and refine positioning accuracy by adjusting code as needed. Observe long-term operation to further optimize performance.


Expand usage by automating processes, linking multiple coordinated motors, or integrating sensors to enable closed-loop control schemes. The microcontroller enables creative exploration.

In conclusion, a basic understanding of components and coding allows direct control of servo motors through microcontrollers. Testing and refinement lead to robust applications across many domains.

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