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How to choose a robotic arm servo motor?

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How to choose a robotic arm servo motor?

2024-01-26 09:42:47

The integration of servo motors in a robotic arm system is critical to achieving precise motion control, flexibility, and operational efficiency. Selecting the best servo motor for a robotic arm requires a clearer understanding of factors such as performance requirements, environmental factors, and system integration. The purpose of this article is to shed light on the factors involved in selecting a servo motor for a robotic arm, such as torque, speed, feedback system, environmental conditions, and other factors. We hope that this article will help you in the selection of servo motors for robotic arms.

Torque requirements

The first thing you need to do is to make a careful assessment of the torque requirements of the robot arm, which are intrinsically linked to the payload, acceleration, and operational requirements of the arm. You need to calculate the required torque and evaluate the maximum payload of the arm. In addition, considering the dynamic torque requirements during rapid arm movements and transient loads is critical to ensure that the selected servo motor is proficient in meeting the arm's torque requirements in different operating scenarios.


In conjunction with torque requirements, speed considerations of the arm are a key determinant in servo motor selection. Evaluating the arm's operating speed profile, including maximum speed, acceleration, and positional accuracy, can inform the selection of a servomotor with the required speed capability. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the arm's dynamic performance, including the ability to respond quickly to changing operating parameters and maintain precise motion control, can guide the selection of a servomotor capable of delivering the required speed and responsiveness.


Power needs to be determined based on details such as torque speed, and duty cycle. Consideration should be given to motors that can provide sufficient torque, and to controllers with matching power.

Feedback system

Feedback systems such as encoders and resolvers play a key role in ensuring precise motion control and positional accuracy within a robotic arm system. Selecting a servo motor with the proper feedback system meets the operational requirements of the arm, resulting in closed-loop control and precise position feedback. In addition, the resolution, accuracy, and response frequency of the feedback system are factors that must be considered when selecting a servomotor that is capable of maintaining stringent standards of accuracy and control within the dynamics of the arm's motion.

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