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How do you lubricate a planetary gearbox?

2022-11-24 10:39:04

The planetary gearbox can reduce the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque, and is widely used in industrial production. It needs lubricating oil to lubricate, which not only helps to speed up the speed of the planetary gearbox but also ensures its efficient operation. Here, I share three common methods of lubricating a planetary gearbox for your reference.

  1. Grease lubrication. This type of lubrication is suitable for low-speed operations. However, because the planetary gearbox generates heat when operating, the gears tend to heat up and it has a poor cooling effect, so it is not suitable for continuous work or heavy load conditions, even if it operates at low speeds. The amount of lubricant will also affect the final lubrication effect. Too little lubrication cannot form a lubricating layer and will cause the machine to continue to suffer wear in the operating condition. Too much lubrication will create a viscous drag and result in power loss.
  2. Oil splash lubrication. This method is usually used for high-speed operations. The oil is first filled into a reservoir and when the gears begin to run, they are partially immersed into this container, causing the oil to splash onto other gears and bearings. However, if the gear teeth are fully immersed in the reservoir, they will stir up the oil in the reservoir. The effectiveness of splash lubrication depends on the gear speed.
  3. Forced oil lubrication. This method is also applicable to a high-speed running condition. It has three main forms: oil mist, oil spray and oil droplet. Oil mist lubrication can soak all areas of the gear and other internal components. Oil spray technology injects oil directly onto the gears and other components. Droplet technology drips the oil directly onto the area to be treated.


Unreasonable lubrication will cause problems during the operation of the planetary gearbox, such as reduced service life and increased noise. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate your planetary gearbox in a proper way.

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