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How do I control a stepper motor?

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How do I control a stepper motor?

2023-04-06 16:09:12

Stepper motors are commonly used in a variety of industrial and consumer applications, from 3D printers and CNC machines to cameras and medical devices. To effectively control the stepper motor, it is important to understand how the stepper motor works and the basics of the different control methods available.

First, it is important to understand that stepper motors move in discrete steps rather than rotating continuously like conventional DC motors.


Stepper motor control

Stepper motors are controlled in several common ways, including full step, half step, and micro-step. Full step control involves electrifying each coil to its full potential, causing the motor to move one step at a time. This method is simple and reliable, but it produces large noises and vibrations.

Half-step control involves the excitation of each coil to half its potential, resulting in less movement between steps. It can provide smoother motion and finer control, but may require more complex control circuits.

Micro-stepping involves powering the coils with different currents to generate smaller increments between steps for smoother motion and more precise control. However, this method requires more complex control circuits and can be more expensive.

There are also different types of controllers available for stepper motor control, such as open-and-closed loop control. Open loop control is the most common method, which includes sending step and direction signals to the motor drive, which then sends the appropriate current to the coil to drive the motor. Closed-loop control involves adding feedback sensors to the motor and adjusting the signal to the actual position of the motor for more accurate control and positioning.


In summary, there are many methods to control stepper motors. It is important to choose the right control method and motor drive for a specific application to achieve the required level of accuracy and reliability.

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