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How can I determine the proper driver for a NEMA 8 motor?

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How can I determine the proper driver for a NEMA 8 motor?

2023-11-08 17:13:22

Properly driving a NEMA 8 stepper motor requires selecting the correct motor driver to provide the necessary voltage, current, and frequency. This article will discuss how to determine the proper driver for this type of motor.

Check the motor nameplate information

The first step is to check the important parameters on the motor nameplate. This will be indicated on the nameplate:

  • Motor Voltage Rating: The drive voltage output must match or be within the motor's operating voltage range.
  • Operating frequency: motors can be categorized into 50 Hz and 60 Hz according to the operating frequency, of which 50 Hz is suitable for Europe, Asia, and most of Africa, while 60 Hz is suitable for North America, Central America, and part of South America.
  • Full Load Current: This is the maximum current drawn by the motor at full load. The current rating of the drive should be greater than or equal to the full-load current of the motor.
  • Speed: Some motors have a design speed in RPM.

Other requirements

In addition to the selection of some basic parameters, it is also necessary to select the appropriate stepper motor driver according to the specific use of the stepper motor. If low vibration or high precision are required, an interpolator-type driver can be used. For large torque motors, use a high-voltage type driver as much as possible to get good high-speed performance.Lunyee's stepper motors come with a complete stepper drive system that takes the hassle out of selection.


In summary, determining the correct NEMA 8 motor drive involves making sure that some of the parameters of the motor are matched to the drive or selecting a specific drive if there are other needs.

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