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Can we use VFD for servo motor?

2023-03-22 17:06:01

Variable frequency drives (VFD) and servo motors are widely used in industrial applications of motor control. While they have some similarities, they also differ fundamentally in function and the type of motor designed for control.

VFD is a motor controller that controls the speed and torque of the motor by adjusting the frequency of the power supply. A servo motor is a high-precision motor designed to provide precise and repeatable motion control. It typically runs in a closed-loop system, receives feedback from sensors that measure its position and speed, and adjusts its operation accordingly.

Can a VDF be used to control the servo motor?

Generally speaking, VFD is not recommended to control servo motors specifically designed for servo drives. This is because servo motors usually require more precise control than the VFD can provide. Servo drives are specifically designed to work with servo motors and provide the level of control required for high-precision motion control applications.

However, some servo motors can be controlled using VFD, but VFD requires additional configuration to provide appropriate control. However, such configurations may require additional programming and settings and may not provide the same level of accuracy as dedicated servo drives.


In summary, while it is technically feasible to use VFD to control certain servo motors, this is generally not recommended unless the particular motor in question is designed to work with a variety of different motor controllers. For high-precision motion control applications, it is often better to use a dedicated servo drive designed to work with the specific servo motor used.

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