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Can laser engraving machines process plastics?

2023-02-28 11:00:22

Plastic is a malleable material that is widely used in various industries because of its chemical stability, good insulation, low thermal conductivity, low processing costs, and low price. Many industries need to reprocess plastic when using it, and laser engraving machine as a machine that can process a variety of materials is often discussed whether it can process plastic.

Disadvantages of laser processing of plastics

1. Some plastics can produce fine dust, smoke and other tiny particles during the process due to the material, and these particles tend to collect on the mirror, causing it to gradually lose accuracy. 2. Some plastics will produce toxic gases harmful to human health when processed with laser engraving machine , such as PVC plastic.

Advantages of laser processing of plastics

But laser engraving machine processing plastic also has many advantages.


  • Many plastics are prone to deformation, which is very detrimental to processing work. Laser engraving machines are non-contact processing and do not cause physical damage to the raw material.
  • Laser processing of plastics is characterized by fast processing speed, high productivity and high processing accuracy.
  • Laser engraving is the processing of materials using the principle of high temperature irradiation. The material undergoes color changes, physical changes and chemical changes when exposed to high temperatures. The changes are permanent, so the material impressions from laser processing usually last for a long time.

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Laser engraving machines can process most plastics, but there are some plastics that are not suitable for laser processing because of the harmful substances that may be produced during the process.

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