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Can a CNC router cut acrylic?

2023-02-21 17:24:57

Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy to process, and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in many fields.

As a powerful machine, the CNC router can process a variety of materials, and of course, it can easily cut acrylic. Before you start cutting acrylic, you need to do some preparations to help you better complete your cutting work.

  • You need to choose the right cutting tool for the job. Acrylic material is moderately durable, but because acrylic acid, one of its key ingredients, is present, it melts rapidly at high temperatures. In order to avoid the acrylic being melted by a lot of frictional heat, you need to choose a sharp knife to cut it.
  • After you determine the cutting tool, you need to set the parameters of the CNC router. The correct parameter setting can ensure the best processing effect when other processing conditions remain unchanged.
  • Acrylic material is very prone to vibration during processing, which will bring a lot of difficulties to our processing work. Strong vibration will also make the processing rough and uneven, so please make sure it is firmly pressed when you start cutting.


A CNC router is an effective tool for cutting acrylic. By choosing the right cutting tool and following the proper cutting parameters, you can use a CNC router to make precise, polished cuts in acrylic to create a wide variety of products and applications.

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