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Sales case: Servo motors for the conventional CNC machine tool industry

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Sales case: Servo motors for the conventional CNC machine tool industry

2024-01-17 17:23:41

Client Background

In the field of traditional CNC machine tools, accuracy and reliability are crucial. Monilpancholi works for an established manufacturer of CNC machine tools, including milling machines and reamers. Their existing servo system is unstable, has large positioning errors, and is prone to failure in an oil mist environment. This has brought many problems such as unstable product quality to production. Therefore, they wanted to find a reliable control system solution.

Customer needs

Customer requirements centered on the important attributes of servo motors such as stability, high positioning accuracy, oil resistance, and wide speed range. These specific needs were dictated by the industry's demand for machine tools that offer advantages that enable CNC machines to operate seamlessly in challenging environments, maintain precise positioning, resist oil and provide a wide range of speeds to meet diverse machining requirements. Customers seek a solution that enhances the performance and reliability of their machine tools, thereby increasing their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Solution Recommendation

Through many detailed discussions with Monilpancholi, our clogging team summarized their main requirements:

  • Drive stability: small positional deviation when the motor is running at a high load for a long time.
  • Positioning accuracy: small single positioning error.
  • Environmental adaptability: the motor can withstand the oil mist environment of machine tools and maintain high performance.
  • Wide speed range: the motor speed range is wide to meet different process needs.

To meet the needs of Monilpancholi, we offer servo motors with the following properties:

  • New materials are added to the body of the machine to improve high temperature and oil resistance;
  • Adoption of full-contact encoder improves the accuracy of position feedback;
  • A new vibration-damping structure design is adopted to enhance the stability of operation;
  • Adopts programmable controller to meet a wide range of speed adjustments.

This servo motor is optimized to provide excellent stability, high-precision positioning, oil resistance and a wide speed range. It can withstand harsh operating conditions and always maintains a high level of operational performance.


After integrating the servo motors into the machine, Monilpancholi said that the product has been tested on several production lines and is of good quality. They are willing to increase the number of purchases and continue to use our servo motors in other equipment.

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