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Sales case: Servo motors for multi-axis metalworking centers

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Sales case: Servo motors for multi-axis metalworking centers

2024-01-19 16:58:55

Mr. Power Reon is a senior engineer with extensive project management experience at a company specializing in CNC machine tool development. He said that the company's old servo systems were not performing well with the new generation of fast multi-axis intelligent machining technology, and were not providing stable, accurate and responsive drive capability. This was harming new product development and productivity. Therefore, he wanted us to provide a customized new servo system with excellent performance as a replacement.

Client needs

To clarify the technical specifications of the new system, we have summarized the four core requirements of PowerReon, namely, stability, positioning accuracy, response speed, and acceleration and deceleration performance, through many research and discussions. In the multi-axis metalworking industry, the stability and positioning accuracy of the servo system determines the quality of the processed product, the responsiveness affects the productivity, and the acceleration and deceleration characteristics indicate the dynamic performance of the servo system, which further responds to whether or not it can adapt to changing working conditions.

Technology Optimization Program

To meet PowerReon's needs, our R&D team has developed a series of technical improvements to meet customer requirements. For example, the use of new insulation materials is offered to improve performance such as stability under high-temperature operating conditions, and more advanced control algorithms are used with corresponding parameter adjustments to optimize speed control characteristics. In addition, the drive unit has been optimized to reduce its mass and inertia and to improve the dynamic response of the servo motor.

Project implementation

Since this was the first time we worked together and Mr. PowerReon had high requirements for the solution, to address his concerns, we conducted a running test and showed PowerReon the test video. We asked him whether he was satisfied with the test results. Subsequently, we also carried out a certain degree of customization for the specific conditions of his equipment, such as launching the version with extended output shafts to further enhance the adaptability of the product.


Mr. PowerReon was very satisfied with the solution we provided. He said that we paid great attention to his needs during the cooperation process and provided timely answers to any of his questions, and he hopes to keep working with us for a long time.

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