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Sales case: Servo motors for injection molding machines

2023-02-22 17:22:39

Customer Background

Stephen is an injection molding machine retrofit engineer based in Canada. He has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has been involved in many injection molding projects. Stephen is very good at upgrading and optimizing injection molding machines for his customers, and he has a reputation for providing high-quality solutions that improve efficiency and productivity, and has been praised by many customers. He wanted to buy a servo motor to upgrade his machine.

Customer Needs

Stephen recently received a big project to modify the injection molding machine, he said the injection molding machine of this project is still relatively traditional, this machine uses an open-loop variable control system, which is controlled by two mutually independent proportional adjustment of proportional flow valve and proportional pressure valve, and its output load is always the maximum design load, so the machine's system cannot confirm whether its output state is consistent with the set. Stephen wanted to upgrade the machine, and his retrofit is now well underway, and he now needs a new motor-driven injection molding machine.

Solution method

Providing Stephen with a suitable solution required consideration of the injection pressure and flow rate of the entire injection molding system. In addition, the solution needed to be compatible with the machine's existing pump parameters and electrical cabinet. The operation of the injection molding machine needs to overcome a certain resistance, i.e. the power provided by the machine needs to be greater than the resistance to run, and the operation of the injection molding machine also has a difference between fast and slow, so it is important to understand the pressure of the injection molding machine to select a servo motor. We conducted several tests and experiments with Stephen to determine the injection pressure and flow rate required for a particular application and even contacted our technical colleagues to model the injection molding process using simulation software. The approximate injection pressure was calculated based on pump pressure, the effective area of the injection cylinder, etc. Dynamic diagrams were used to determine the required motor power and gearing, and pump parameters were carefully simulated and analyzed to ensure compatibility with the new system before the final servo motor model was determined. We recommended the MH800 servo motor to upgrade the injection molding machine because it met Stephen's upgrade needs, in addition to having precise control, high torque, and high speed.

Customer Comments

Soon after, Stephen told us that after his first upgrade, he noticed a significant improvement in the efficiency and productivity of his injection molding system, and he returned twice with the MH800 servo motor. He also said that our calculations and dynamic charts helped him understand the motor power and gearing needed for his system. Stephen says he would highly recommend the service and the MH800 servo motor to anyone looking to upgrade their injection molding machine.

Servo motor applications

Servo motors are used in a wide range of industries and applications that require precise and controlled motion. Some of the most common applications for servo motors include:

These are just a few examples of the many applications for servo motors. The versatility and precision of servo motors make them an essential component in many industries and equipment.

  • Industrial Automation: Servo motors are commonly used in industrial automation equipment such as robots, conveyors, packaging machines, CNC machines, and printing presses.
  • Aerospace and defense: Servo motors are used in a variety of aerospace and defense applications, including flight control surfaces, missile guidance systems, and remotely operated vehicles.
  • Medical devices: Servo motors are used in a variety of medical devices, such as surgical robots, prosthetics and imaging equipment.
  • Automotive: Servo motors are used in automotive applications such as power steering, cruise control, and anti-lock braking systems.
  • Consumer electronics: Servo motors are used in consumer electronics, such as cameras, DVD players and game consoles, to achieve precise and controlled motion.
  • Textile industry: servo motors are used in textile machineries such as looms, spinning machines, and knitting machines to provide precise control over the movement of fabrics.
  • Agriculture: Servo motors are used in precision agriculture applications such as precision planting, crop spraying and harvesting equipment.

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