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Sales case: Servo motor for bread baking line production

2023-01-18 17:12:43

Part I: Customer requirements

In May 2022, a customer Kirill Vachaev from Russia left a message on Lunyee's website that he needed servo motors. Later, during our communication with Kirill, we learned that he is mainly engaged in the production and sales of bread baking line machines, specifically including forming lines, forming tables, proofing machines, ovens and other machines. Recently, their company wanted to upgrade their products and improve their R&D on the basis of the original machines. Since the upgraded machines had increased the load, the previous motors could not meet their R&D needs in terms of torque and could not perform higher power tasks, which led to some production problems for their company, so they urgently needed a batch of new servo motors that supported pulse control.

Part II: Required Products

Kirill's bread baking line has many machines, so he required servo motors with 750w power and pulse control to ensure that the drive control motor can control the operation of the equipment and precisely control the rotation of the motor.

Part III: Servo motor selection

After carefully understanding Kirill's needs, we recommended the Dorna B1 series motors. These motors have a power of 750W and supports pulse control. Each rotation of an angle will send a corresponding number of pulse signals, and the motor will form a response or closed loop when it receives the pulses, so that the system will know how many pulses it sends to the servomotor and how many pulses it returns, thus ensuring that the Dorna B1 series motor can achieve precise positioning. In addition to the precise positioning function, Dorna B1 series motors are also economical in price, with high overload capacity and fast response, which can meet his needs.

Part IV: Customer evaluation

After receiving Kirill's order, we shipped and delivered the motor to him at the agreed upon time. Kirill tested them immediately after receiving the goods, and according to him, the servo motor we recommended had a higher torque than the one they were using, and was perfectly capable of driving the newly upgraded machine line. In addition, he also said that the servo motor's positioning was very accurate and responsive. After a few days, he bought another model of servo motor for testing and inquired about the bulk purchase and delivery information.

Part V: Other Applications

Whether it is home electronics, robots, helicopters, etc., servo motor control is indispensable.

Take Lunyee CNC engraving machine as an example. The servo system provides precise control motion for lathe, milling machine, centering, grinding machine, stamping, bending and stamping metal.

In automated manufacturing and CNC machinery, servo motor systems move levers to control the steering of vehicles and regulate the speed of aircraft and automobiles.

Servo motors are also widely used in robotics. By using a servomotor system, the joints of a robot can be controlled with precise angles to move in a way that no other motor can match.

Automatic doors in grocery stores, hospitals, and other places use servo motor systems to control a push plate above the door or a radio transmitter to open and close the door automatically.

The conveyor belts we often see at stations are also driven by servo motor systems. Of course, conveyor belts using servo motor systems can be used in a variety of industries, not just in stations.

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