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Sales Case: Motor for Children's Sightseeing Cars in Amusement Parks

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Sales Case: Motor for Children's Sightseeing Cars in Amusement Parks

2023-04-10 16:58:19

Client Background

Schramm Martin is a German customer who contacted Lunyee Platform on June 23, 2022, to purchase Unite motors. Based on our follow-up communication, we learned that Schramm Martin is a manufacturer of electric sightseeing cars, mainly producing touring sightseeing cars and VIP sightseeing cars. Recently, he needs to produce a batch of amusement park children sightseeing cars, but after testing, the motor currently used on the sightseeing cars cannot meet his requirements in terms of performance, and he needs a motor to replace the existing motor on his car.

Customer Needs

Schramm Martin needed a new motor for his sightseeing cars, and since he was not very satisfied with the performance of his previous motor, he listed several requirements for this selection. He needed a programmable controller to control the speed of the sightseeing car. In addition, he needed to start the car at a speed of 1-9km/h, so the motor had to provide the necessary power for the starting speed of the touring car. Finally, he also said that the motor he used before had poor heat dissipation and was prone to heat, so he wanted a motor with better heat dissipation and higher durability from us.

Program Recommendations

After understanding Schramm Martin's requirements, we recommended a 72V, 2200w, 10.44:1 speed ratio Unite motor. This motor is equipped with fan blades for excellent heat dissipation, ensuring that the motor can be used for a long time without overheating easily, making the motor more durable, and ensuring a long service life. To meet Schramm Martin's requirements for speed control, we recommended a programmable controller to enable him to precisely control the speed of the tour bus to ensure that the tour bus could be started at 1-9km/h to meet his specific requirements.

Customer Testimonials

Schramm Martin was very satisfied with the products we provided. He said that the motors we supplied had excellent heat dissipation properties. Our programmable controller also allows him to perform precise speed control, ensuring that the tour bus meets the specific speed requirements of the amusement park.

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