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Sales Case: Customized DC Brushed Motor

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Sales Case: Customized DC Brushed Motor

2023-02-07 16:31:00

Part I: Customer Needs

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, Alexander, a customer from Russia, contacted us through our company website at Made in China Network to inquire about the specifications of our company's motors. According to our communication, Alexander is a buyer in the industry. Previously, he had a stable supplier, but due to the recent increase in the price of raw materials used by suppliers, the price of motors has increased, so he is looking for new alternative suppliers for his business. However, due to his many customization requirements, he is currently consulting products on various platforms. Although he is contacting the supplier every day, he has not been able to find a satisfactory product so far. The agreed delivery deadline is about to reach recently. He is very anxious. He urgently needs a product that can meet his parameter needs and can be customized in a variety of ways.

Part II: Required Products

Alexander needed a motor that could meet his custom requirements. In a later communication, we asked him about his custom requirements and Alexander provided us with the detailed drawings and parameters of the motor he needed. According to the information provided by Alexander, the motor he purchased is mainly used for industrial production, and he required a motor with a voltage of 60V, a rated speed of 3350rpm and a maximum output power of 286W.

Part III: Engraving machine selection

After getting the drawings and parameters from Alexander, we immediately communicated with the R&D department and the factory about the customizable products. Our team carefully reviewed Alexander's requirements and communicated with him to understand his specific needs and how the motor would be used in his business. After communication, we recommended a DC brushed motor to Alexander. This motor has several power models to choose from and supports customization to meet Alexander's diverse needs. In addition, this series of motors uses pure copper coils and silent bearings. The high-precision silent ball bearings ensure that only minimal noise is generated while operating under high loads. The motor's high torque enables it to perform tasks that require more power, allowing the motor to start and stop loads quickly and smoothly. Alexander found the motor to be a good match for his needs and immediately purchased a series.

Part IV: Customer Evaluation

As Alexander's delivery date was approaching, we contacted the factory as soon as we received the order, worked overtime to produce the motor he needed, and immediately arranged to pack and ship the product to Alexander before his delivery date. After receiving our motor, Alexander immediately tested it and two days later, he sent us a message that the parameters of all parts of our motor were very accurate and ran very well, which fully met his needs. He appreciated that we found the right solution for his business, and our quick production and packing and shipment allowed their company's production schedule to run smoothly and avoid some unnecessary losses. He also felt the sincerity of Lunyee during the communication process, and Alexander plans to continue working with us in the future.

Part V: Other Applications

DC brushed motors are widely used in a variety of applications that require precise control and high torque at low speeds. They are commonly used in automotive, industrial, consumer goods, aerospace, medical and other industries.

  • Automotive: Power windows, power seats, power steering, and windshield wipers.
  • Industrial: DC brushed motors are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as conveyor systems, pumps, and fans.
  • Consumer products: power tools, appliances, and toys.
  • Aerospace: actuators, servo systems, and pumps.
  • Medical: Mainly used for medical equipment, such as ventilators and pumps.

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