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Sales case: Brushless DC motors for mixers

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Sales case: Brushless DC motors for mixers

2023-02-27 17:12:44

Customer background

In July 2022, a customer from Vietnam, Nguyen Duc, sent a message on our website asking about motors. The person in charge of our website saw the message and immediately replied to Nguyen Duc and asked him about his requirements. During the follow-up communication, we learned that Nguyen Duc is in the detergent manufacturing industry, mainly producing heavy-duty detergents. He runs a business in their local area. Recently their company produced a new detergent, which is a slurry and very sticky.

Customer requirement

Due to the viscous nature of the newly produced detergent, Nguyen Duc was experiencing difficulties in the production process due to the limitations of the motor he was using. The old motor did not have enough power to effectively agitate the mixture, which affected the quality of the final product. To overcome this problem, Nguyen Duc needed a new, powerful motor with a speed of 1500-2000 rpm to replace the old one.

Solution method

After further communication with Nguyen Duc, we understood his current problem and recommended the Z5BLD400-48 series brushless motor as a solution based on Nguyen Duc's needs. Nguyen Duc evaluated the Z5BLD400-48 series brushless motor based on our introduction and asked us some questions about the product, and finally decided to choose this motor.

Customer Comments

Nguyen Duc received the motor from Lunyee as promised. After receiving the product, he inspected it carefully and immediately installed it in his company's mixer to test it, and after several tests, our motor was running at high performance. He happily contacted us with the feedback that the motor was well packaged and performed well, and he thanked our team for their prompt response and the solution they provided for him.

Other applications

Brushless DC motors are used in a wide range of industries due to their advantages over traditional DC motors. They offer a longer service life, lower maintenance costs, and higher efficiency than traditional DC motors. Brushless DC motors are commonly used in applications such as electric vehicles, medical equipment, and industrial automation.

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