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20-24 May 2024, Lunyee will be with you in Moscow

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20-24 May 2024, Lunyee will be with you in Moscow

2024-04-24 17:01:24

Lunyee Company, a provider of CNC equipment, is delighted to announce our participation in the Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition. This prestigious event, held at the Expo Center in Moscow, Russia, from May 20 to 24, 2024, serves as a significant platform for the development of the Russian machine-tool industry. With a focus on equipment, instruments, and tools for the metalworking industry, Metalloobrabotka offers a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Lunyee Company will present our advanced CNC solutions, including Lathe Machines and Vertical Machine Centers, at booth number 26C55.

I. Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition

Metalloobrabotka is a highly regarded Russian mega project that provides valuable guidance for the development of the country's machine-tool industry. This exhibition caters to the diverse needs of the metalworking industry, featuring a wide range of machinery, equipment, and technologies. The products in this exhibition are mainly divided into two categories:

Metal-Cutting Machinery

Metal-cutting machinery showcased at Metalloobrabotka includes intelligent machine tool units, high-tech equipment, special purpose machine-tools, precision machines, automatic and semi-automatic machines, and universal manually controlled machines. The exhibition also features heavy-duty and unique machine-tools, automatic lines, NC and CNC machines, multi-purpose machines and complexes, flexible manufacturing cells and systems, as well as equipment for non-traditional types of machining such as EDM, laser, plasma, and combined processes of metal-working.

Metal-Forming Machinery

Metal-forming machinery exhibited at Metalloobrabotka encompasses mechanical and hydraulic presses, automatic metal-forming machines (including CNC machines and forging machines), flexible CNC press-forging machinery, laser equipment and technology, sheet metal working equipment and technology, metal-cutting shears, bending machines, and leveling machines.

II. Lunyee's Participation

Lunyee is excited to take part in the Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition. At booth number 26C55, Lunyee will showcase our cutting-edge CNC solutions, focusing on Lathe Machines and Vertical Machine Centers. These advanced machines are designed to enhance productivity, precision, and efficiency in the metalworking industry. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Lunyee aims to demonstrate our industry-leading technologies and establish valuable partnerships with professionals in the field.

III. Why attend this exhibition?

Lunyee's participation in the Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition holds significant importance for both the company and the exhibition attendees. By showcasing our CNC equipment, Lunyee offers professionals and industry enthusiasts a firsthand experience of their advanced technologies and solutions. This exhibition serves as an ideal platform for Lunyee to interact with industry experts, and partners, fostering collaborations. The Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition provides a conducive environment for knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and staying updated with the latest trends and developments in the metalworking industry.


With a focus on innovation, precision, and productivity, Lunyee aims to engage with industry professionals, establish valuable partnerships, and contribute to the advancement of the metalworking industry. The Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition, known for its comprehensive display of metalworking machinery, equipment, and technologies, serves as an ideal platform for professionals to explore the latest industry offerings and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. We sincerely invite you to attend this exhibition and discuss CNC machining equipment with us.

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